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, "bbc world news." >> hello and welcome. here are the headlines. 200 dead in two days in syria. the u.s. says president bashar al-assad must leave power. the jail sentence for the australian teenager convicted of murdering this indian students. the england football captain is facing criminal charges after allegedly racially abusing an opponent. faced book is ordered to tighten up privacy rules. >> broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world. the united states has renewed its call for syria's president to leave power. it comes as sources in serious opposition groups claiming the number of people who have died is much higher than estimates given by the united nations. the group's -- there is evidence that 6000 people have been killed since the uprising. >> though violence is obviously getting worse. these pictures being sent in from ordinary people across syria. syrian opposition says 250 people have died since monday alone. these pictures are thought to be from the idlib in the northwest. there has been an organized massacre, the opposition claims. they have switched
? >> and now "bbc road ms." longtime rulers is lying in state. more heavy bloodshed in syria. dozens of people have been killed in clashes. >> joe biden urges iraq's prime minister to work to resolve a deepening crisis. as scientists discover some of the most significant planets outside our solar system. it is 10:00 a.m. in singapore. >> it is 10:00 a.m. in london. broadcasting to viewers in america and around the world. welcome to "newsday". in north korea the country's new leader met mourners. he died on saturday at the age of 69. concerns about the transition of power. >> kim jong il, a site familiar to others, now mourned. this is the new guardian, kim johnn un. with a few years at the top council, he is the man america and china will be negotiating with. many of them poorer and hngrier. more critical of those who lead them. their tears appeared just as real. ere they the last time. >> you could not not cry in public. you had to pinch yourself. others were laughing. it is even more fake. >> the great fear is not in sincerity on the streets of pyongyang. >> how well they will manage will be
in today's in syria. the u.s. says president assad must leave power. chinese authorities appear to make concessions in order to end a standoff with protesting villagers. the england football captain john kerry is to face criminal charges after racially abusing an opponent. looking for a big payout, spain gets a new government that awaits the result of the world's biggest lottery. it is 10:00 in singapore. >> it is 2:00 a.m. in london. broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world, this is "newsday." >> the united states has renewed its course for the syrian president to leave power. sources in the syrian opposition groups are claiming the number of people who have died is much higher than estimates by the united nations. more than 6000 civilians have been killed since the uprising began in march. >> the violence is obviously getting worse. these pictures are being sent in by ordinary people. even if they cannot all be verified for -- even if they cannot all be verified. 200 people have died since monday. these pictures are thought to be from italy, in the northwest, whe
, "bbc world news." >> condemning syria posed a bird cracked on. the u.n. demands an end to gross and systematic violations against anti-government protesters. diplomats from iran's embassy in london and drive back in iran. stock markets enjoyed their best week for almost three years. welcome to bbc news, broadcast to our viewers around the globe. coming up later for the, russia's public servants' luxury lifestyle. report on the epidemic of corruption and greed. how modern technology proved this painting was by rembrandt. the top human rights body at the united nations accused syria of gross and systematic violations in the suppression of protesters. a resolution passed by the u.n. human rights council has been described as the toughest of there. it demands the immediate end to the violence, the release of political prisoners, and the suspension of the security forces suspected of abuses. from a symbol, we report. >> a standoff in northwestern syria. at the moment, there is no shooting. "we don't fear your soldiers or your militia." it was similar in other towns. they are calling
for you?i]çólpok >>xd and now, "bbc world news." >> condemning syria's brutal crackdown, thefá u.n. demands a end to violations of the0l civ t( london after their expulsion.t(r andó[ tackling the debt crisis coming up later, falling planet -- david at enborrow gives aokg chilling warning about2tjeÑió[g ixdh#m change.çóoki]i]i]fát(my >> a standoff in northwesternfá iria. at the moment there is noxd shooting.t( bashar, you're a coward, they chant, "we don't fear your soldiers or your militias." it was añr similar scene in oth towns. they're calling for more international help forqÑi protected buff ever zones. nine months into their uprising,t( president assad's opponents can'tt(fá oust him, n protests. but their efforts have had a heavy human9 cost. such asp, killing of children, beatingçó or shooting during demonstrations, brearw3 -- arbitrary deÑitension, torture and il lfert treatment. >> delegates wereÑi given a chilling report the >> our message is firm and clear. to the people of syria, the ou and we will not ignore yourxdçóÑifá plighn face of on going
. opposition activists in syria say dozens of people have been killed in the latest clashes. >> headquarters of olympus in japan is rated by investigators as part of an investigation into a legend accounting irregularities. researchers studying the bird flew virus are often not to print their findings for of your -- for fear their data could be used by terrorists trucks and welcome to newsday. -- who could be used by terrorists. >> welcome to newsday. in north korea, the country's new leader has led mourners as they pay their respects to his father came john io. he died on saturday at the age of 69. -- his father, kim jong il. he died on saturday at age of 69. foreign powers have been monitoring a events closely. neighboring south korean -- >> kim jong il, a face so familiar to the outside world, revered, reviled, even character, now more and. this is the new guardian region and -- nor mourned. this is the new guardian, not yet 30 years old and as enigmatic as his father. he is the man china and america will be negotiating with. these are the people he will be ruling. many are poorer and hun
protests and more deaths in syria. we will not leave until the deal is done. french president nicolas sarkozy and german chancellor angela merkel ahead of europe's crunched summit. it is midday in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington, and 4:00 in the afternoon in moscow, where security forces are still patrolling the streets in what appears to be a massive show of force after two days of protests in the wake of the weekend's election, which saw a vastly reduced majority for putin's party. the opposition says he would be out of office altogether were it not for systematic vote rigging. is this the start of a new mass movement? i should just say -- in the last few minutes, we've heard that the former soviet union leader has asked for the results of the election to be annulled. to discuss this with me, a former dissident who was imprisoned by the communists in the 1980's and now works for human rights center memorial. thank you for being with us. you have been a dissident from communist times. do you see anything new in the latest protests? >> [inaudible] another new point is that i think, th
to have been killed in anti-government protests in it syria. in karachi, dozens of boys have been found chained in basement of an islamic summit. canada becomes the first country to withdraw from the kyoto protocol on climate change. welcome to pc world news. whistle-blower's strikes back. japan's olympus returns in a bid it to clean up the board. the god particle. a revolution that could revolutionize the way we look at the world. top human-rights official says there has been a huge rise and the number of people killed in it syria. since the anti-government protest started in march, it is believed that more than 5000 people have now died. she said her figure suggested that 14,000 people have been arrested and more than 12,000 have fled to neighboring countries. syria accuses her of not be objective or fair, since her report took no account of the more than 1000 syrian security forces they say have been killed. jane o'brien reports from washington. >> heavy shelling nrocks houses in syrian city. one of the focal points that has resulted in a crackdown by the government. president al-ass
in nuclear-powered? welcome to "gmt." also in the program -- new moves to pressure syria as the u.n., russia signals willingness to condemn bashar al-assad. bradley manning, the u.s. soldier accused of stealing secrets to wikileaks is about to make his first court appearance. it is midday in london, 4:00 p.m. in moscow and 9:00 p.m. in tokyo where the prime minister told his nation the fukushima plant is now stable. nine months after the earthquake and tsunami which devastated the area, he said it is now in -- the plant is now in cold shutdown. but the disaster is likely to haunt japan for decades. roland berger reports from tokyo. >> explosions -- since explosions shook the nuclear plant, the reactors were pushed into meltdown after being engulfed by a huge tsunami. now the government announced that workers at the power station achieved their goal. it is in a state of cold shutdown and the leaks of radiation have been substantially reduced. >> since i took office, i have been saying that for japan to be reborn, fukushima has to be saved. the nuclear power plant accident needed to be stabili
in the streets of syria in a show of strength to the arab league monitors. the government revealed its plans to revive the troubled economy of spain. a political comeback and jamaica for the former prime minister, portia simpson miller. welcome to "bbc world news." i am david eades. blink and you missed it. how samoa abandoned friday. also, we know they are clever, but how clever? a new take on the ability of chimps to look out for each other. >> thank you for joining us. with friday prayers coming to a close in syria, there have been calls from activists for tens of thousands of protesters to get out on the streets and let the arab league monitors know exactly how they feel about their government. so far, the activists say the observers have done little to stop the bloodshed. our correspondent is in neighboring beirut. we're getting reports of more violence breaking out. this time in douma. >> that is right. it is difficult to know exactly what is going on inside syria. as you said, reports of clashes between tens of thousands of demonstrators in douma, a suburb on the edge of damascus, cla
at marseille. syria's president denies ordering his troops to kill anti-government protesters appeared >> more protests and russia following sunday's election. and protests in tripoli again. it is 12:00 a.m. -- it is 12:00 p.m. in singapore. >> it is 4:00 a.m. in london. >> eurozone leaders are heading to marseille on thursday for a crucial two-day summit in brussels. they are gathering for the annual conference of the epp. they want to love the smaller eurozone nations, like ireland who have already expressed doubt. >> they will be heard in the french port of marseille. the u.s. treasury secretary timothy geithner is here at the end of a grand tour of europe. last night, he met with mary. -- with mariano majo. they sent a letter to rompoy. it is a new treaty with penalties to break deficit targets, committing governments to balance budgets. it rejects the half measures of a treaty amendment. also included is a proposal for a financial transaction tax. the british prime tester has vowed he will block any changes that threaten -- the british prime minister has already vowed will block any chang
corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> security forces in syria clashed with anti-government protesters. at least 35 people are dead. an explosion at a market in nigeria kills four. has been blamed on the infamous group boko haram. protests in turkey after protesters are mistakenly killed. welcome to bbc news, broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later, a cyclone hit india's southeast coast and batters villages with heavy rain and strong winds. hello again. activists in syria after security forces opened fire friday as they try to stop hundreds of thousands of protesters from demonstrating in front of visiting arab league observers. activists say 35 people were killed in some of the flesh. cities such as hama, deraa, and homs. >> and mass turnout of anti- government protesters across the country after friday prayers. as has been the case all week, violence. this is a suburb of the capital damascus. demonstrators fought running battles with security forces. people did the best they could to help the injured. nearby, th
to steal nuclear program. >> the united nations says the growing unrest in syria has sent them into civil war. rewriting the rules of the eurozone. at the french president unveils a new blueprint for the future. 12 noon in singapore. >> welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the world. this is "newsday." >>> u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has begun formal talks with the pro-democracy leader aung san suu kyi. mrs. clinton said the u.s. about would be willing to ease sanctions if further progress is made towards political reform. a warning that this report contains flash photography. >> an american secretary of state shaking hands with the burmese president. hillary clinton and aung san suu kri, face-to-face, unthinkable a few months ago, but things may be changing and this isolette, repressive country. the burmese president laid out his policy for reform. the american diplomat gave some praise, but said a lot more work was required. she offered incentives to do more and the foreign minister scored an invitation to visit washington. but this is just the beginning of a
are the headlines. syria's president denies ordering his troops to kill anti- government protesters. >> under pressure, britain's prime minister fault -- calls for a referendum on europe. vladimir putin is certain he will stand for the presidency. >> this is newsday. ♪ hello, there. we start in syria where president bashar al-assad has insisted he has not ordered the killing of any protesters during his government's brutal crackdown more than 4000 people have lost their lives during a nine-month democracy uprising. in a rare interview, president assad said that any leader who would kill his own people would be crazy. >> the day after day, unarmed syrian protesters come out to use -- to face machine guns, snipers, and armored vehicles. the cost so far is 4000 dead. but in his abc interview, ,assd denies killing his own. >> we do not kill our own. no government in the world kill its people, unless it is led by a crazy person. for me to my became president because of public support. -- for me, i became president because of public support. >> in the city of homms, rashida catalogs her losses. h
this hour. the united nations says that syria should be refused -- should be sent to the international criminal court. there is a decision to veto the new treaty, but the coalition is divided. >> can that is the first country to withdraw from the kyoto protocol. as u.s. soldiers go home from iraq, barack obama says that they are leaving with dignity and with their heads held high. >> it is 2:00 in the morning here in london. broadcasting around the world, welcome to newsday. >> hello, and welcome. the united nations human rights chief says that she believes more than 5000 people have been killed in syria in anti- government protests. more than 5000 have gone to other countries since the demonstrations began. >> based on the evidence and the widespread nature of the killings and the detention, and the torture, i felt that this constituted crimes against humanity. and i recommended these should be referred to the international criminal court. >> it was the most horrible weekend we have had in the security council. she has cataloged more than 5000 people killed, the situation is deteriora
of questions in pakistan. now to syria where the united nations says the 5000 people have been killed in the government crackdown on protesters that began in march. and still, the international community isn't speaking with one voice. moscow's foreign minister angrily accused the west of taking had a moral stance by pressuring the president while not condemning the armed extremist groups trying to oust him. for more, a senior fellow at the hoover institute. thank you for joining me. the 5000 people dead since march. the russians say that it is the west that is immoral, not speaking up for the president. there is no consensus? >> it was only 10 days ago that the united nations estimated that 4000 people had been killed since the rebellion erupted in syria. we added 1000 people in the last few days. 1500 people have died in the epicenter of this fight between the book tour, the regime, and his population. libya let us astray. it we thought libya would be the example the before and rescue mission would come to syria and alas, we know better. >> the numbers seem to have increased. what is
forces in syria. the group said its findings are based on testimony given by more than 60 syrian army defectors. it said response building for the abuses goes right up to president assad himself. joining me from istanbul is the bbc's jonathan head. you and i have discussed it ourselves, several reports from inside syria. it using this is the definitive one, does this have something the others did not have? >> human-rights watch report is important because they did of the reports, but what they have done is they have names names. through these extensive interviews they have been doing with defectors, they looked at the incidents of violence and syria and they had clear testimony in this report of senior offices -- officers, brigadier-general scum who directly ordered their men to kill civilians and it is pretty harrowing. you have soldiers saying they were ordered sometimes to kill a minimum number of demonstrators, sometimes to shoot anybody that they saw. they say this is not just evidence of crimes against humanity, but they have named 74 senior commanders in syria who they say dire
be rewards. >> the u.n. human rights commission says that president assad has tipped syria into civil war. the french president unveils a new blueprint for the future. >> it is 10:00 a.m. here in singapore, it is 2:00 a.m. here in london. this is "newsday." >> hillary clinton will meet with pro-democracy leader aung san suu kyi for a second time to discuss the pace of reform in burma. the previous meeting with the government, she said that the u.s. would be willing to consider easing sanctions if progress is made in political reform. the report contains flash photography. >> an american secretary of state shaking hands with the burma's president thein sein, a former junta leader. then she met with aung san suu kyi face-to-face. all of this was unthinkable just a few months ago. things might be changing in this country. the army's president laid out his president for reform. he seemed keen on this path towards change. the american diplomat gave some change but said that a lot more work was required. she also attempted to do more and the former -- the foreign minister scored an invitation t
in syria continues as the arab league observers arrived. japanese experts stand accused of multiple failures and respect -- response to the nuclear disaster fukushima. the man chosen as the next leader of north korea has his first meeting with south korea. a teenager staff to death on one of the most famous shopping streets. welcome to the bbc news broadcast on pbs -- pbs in america. coming up, why this is becoming an increasingly rare sight in the forests of indonesia. the first group of arab league observers has arises -- are arrived in syria to end the violence in the country. it is believed they are in damascus. the group is urged to go to the city of homs or 20 people were killed. -- where 20 people were killed. >> this is what the activists want the observers to see. hard to fake images posted on the internet of what they say is the destruction caused by the shelling of residential areas and homes. they also showed pictures of -- that are too gruesome of us to a broadcast of a limp and bleeding corpses short against the streets in homs. this has been going on in four weeks wit
time. >> thank you very much for that analysis. the political uprising in syria, of which has seen nine months of carnage, has taken a deadly turn would to car bombs exploding in damascus. more than 40 people were killed. state media suggested that the blast had been carried out by al qaeda. observers from the arab league are beginning to observe a peace plan in the country. >> this was a devastating escalation of syria's violence. here in damascus, scenes that evoke the terror of neighboring iraq. according to the government, to suicide bombs drove cars packed with explosives into state intelligence buildings on the west side of the city. a vehicle mangled by the blast. all this happened in an area that should be one of the most secure in the country. the dead and wounded were said to include security personnel and civilians. television broadcast images of the survivors as they recovered in hospital. >> i saw a black car, then an explosion. hospital. >> the attached struck at the heart of president bashar al- assad security establishment. within 20 minutes of the blast, al qaeda was be
in syria clash with anti-government protestors. at least 35 people are dead. an explosion at a market in nigeria kills four. it's been blamed on the islamist group boko haram. >> welcome to bbc news broadcasting to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up a little later, a deadly cyclone hits independence yea's southeast coast with heavy rains and strong winds. >> opposition forces opened fire on friday as they try to stop hundreds of thousands of protestors across the country from demonstrating in front of arab league observers. 35 people were killed in flash point cities such as hama, dera and homs. >> a mass turnout of anti-government protestors across the country after friday prayers. >> and as has been the case all week, violence. this is dumar a suburb of the capital damascus. demonstrators fought running battles with security forces. people did the best they could to help the injured. nearby, there appeared to be a large number of arrests. what happened to these men is not known. we cannot verify these pictures, but across syria, ackvists say dozens were ki
's confident about talks with burma after talking to hillary clinton. discussing the situation in syria, its human rights council is to discuss evidence that the security forces committed crimes against humanity. it follows a report that accuses a them of a shoot to kill policy. addressing the meeting the high commissioner called on the international community to come together to help protect the syrian people. >> the syrian authorities continue ruthless oppression, which if not stopped now can drive the country into a full fledged drivel war. in light of the failure to protect the citizens, the international community needs to take you are intelligent measures to protect the citizens. >> folks in geneva following those addresses there's obviously little the council itself can do. any idea of what they want to see happen? >> interestingly i think this meeting is aimed equally not just at the syrian authorities but at the united nations security council that have been asked in the past few months take action in syria but failed to act partly because russia and china objected. but now the memb
want more on the international efforts to bring the violence in syria to a close, you can head straight to our website, and jim, above all, is giving the view of what the main hopes and fears to the arab mission to syria are. let us give you some of the news now. the prime minister of guinea- bissau described an attack on the general staff headquarters and military bases in the capital as an attempted coup. carlos gomez says many arrests have been made in relation to the attack. among those detained with the navy's chief of staff. last week, a rebel general who tried to seize control of the army was arrested. an ethiopian court sentenced two swedish journalist to 11 years in prison for helping of promoting the outlawed national liberation front rebel group. a man was arrested as well -- along with the photographer in an ethiopian region in tonight. police in mexico arrested one of the alleged leaders of the countries most powerful drug cartels. philippe de cabrera, also known by the nickname "the college grad" was accused of being charged -- in charge of security for the bi
and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, bbc world news. >> more violence in syria as arab league observers arrive to monitor attempts to end the blood shed. protests look to continue in india where thousands want an end to corruption. ew flood warning in the philippines. welcome to bbc world news. also in the program, in good speurlgts after his hospital treatment britain's prince phillip is home. how to make money in hollywood. find a hit and work it for all it is worth. >> in the last hour it has been reported a team of arab league observers has arrived in a syrian city to see if the violent crackdown has halted. greta only 24 hours ago at least 20 were killed there in heavy shelling. the crackdown has lasted some nine months. thousands have been killed and there is little if any sign that it is coming to a close. what is it like there at the moment? i can speak to an eyewitness. omar, thanks for joining us. can you give us a sense of what it is like there now? >> while the arab league are arriving the army continues to she shell, especially between the bridges.
of north korea. kim jong un wound is the supreme leader. arab league monitors in syria prepared to go where the uprising began, but activists say their presence has done nothing to stop the violence. at least 20 dead after a turkish air strike in a kurdish village. could've been a case of mistaken identity. welcome to "bbc world news. i am david needs. -- eads. a crucial bond auction takes place shortly in ireland. can the next generation of the familyandhi revive the party in india? the leader is dead and long live the leader as north korea continues mourning the death of kim jong-il, his youngest son has been declared supreme leader of the country. the declaration was made in front of a huge crowd in the capital of p'yongyang. the military service was led by senior military and political leaders. here is lucy williams. >> a show of force. one nation, soldiers and civilians lined up with military precision. it last moment of national remembrance for their former leader kim jong-il. but this choreographed display it is also for the youngest son kim jong un, 40 years younger than anyone else
requests by relatives and religious institutions. the political uprising in syria that has seen nine months of carnage across the country has taken a deadly turn with two car bombs exploding in the city of damascus. more than 40 people were killed. state media suggested that the attacks were carried out by al qaeda. >> this was a devastating escalation of serious violence. according to the government, the two suicide bombers drove cars packed with explosives into state intelligence buildings. hear, a vehicle was mangled by the blast appeared and -- by the blast. and all of this happen in an area that should be one of the most secure in the country. the dead and wounded were said to include security personnel and civilians. television broadcast images of the survivors as they recovered in hospital. >> i saw a black car and then an explosion appeared after that, i was taken to hospital. >> the attacks struck at the heart of president bush are ellis said -- president bashar al assad. he tried to implicate the opposition. but optimism -- but opposition activists say that stories have been fabri
in syria but arab league monitors cannot stop the violence. crackdown on democracy groups in egypt. the united states strongly criticizes the raids. they could have been a blunder says turkey's governing party after an air strike kills 30 people. welcome to "bbc world news" broadcast to our viewers in america and around the globe. the worst elephant killings in decades and asia is getting the blame. american samoa prepares to move across the international date line. in the role of the arab league mission is in the balance amid continuing violence and loss of life. the official monitors are eventually overseeing a peace plan. there was more clashes on thursday with security forces accused of killing 30 people. the time is running out for them to achieve their goals. we have the latest. >> in idlib, protesters called for the overthrow the regime and execution of president assad. the presence of international monitors has not changed the course of the uprising or the ferocity of the regime's response. in hama, troops reportedly opened fire on demonstrators. activists say at least 10 p
in syria continues as arab league observers are right to monitor the violence and historic moment as the man chosen as the next leader of north korea has his first known meeting with the south koreans. japanese experts stand accused of multiple failures in response to the nuclear disaster in fukushima earlier this year. a teenager stabbed to death on one of london's most famous shopping street as crowds flock to the sales. welcome to bbc news, broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, and al sadr on the globe. coming up later, why this is becoming -- and also of around the globe. coming up later, why this is becoming an increasingly rare sight. >> the first group of arab league observers has arrived in syria to monitor attempts to end the violence in the country. it is believed they are in damascus. syrian opposition leaders are urging them to go to homes immediately, while monday they will -- at least 20 people were killed in shelling. here is this report from beirut. >> this is what the activists want the arab observers and the world to see, and verifiable, but hard to fake im
to a standstill. in syria, there is no respite from the violence, despite the presence of arab league monitors. the united states warned it will not tolerate iran's aggression in the middle east. welcome to the bbc news, broadcast in america and around the globe. coming up a bit lichter, a brush with the law. orthodox priest who clashed in a cleanup at jesus' presumed earthquakes. another member of the gandhi dynasty comes to the forefront. can't it reverse the fortunes of the congress party? welcome once again. possibly a million soldiers and civilians fill the central square in p'yongyang to take part in a national memorial service for kim jong il. his son and designated successor, kim jong un , was hailed as a new supreme leader of the state and the military. the end of the official mourning was marked by a three minutes' silence, followed by trains, factories, and ships sounding their horns across the nation. lucy williamson is in seoul. how was this memorial service covered in south korea? was it on the national broadcaster? >> i think very few south koreans have seen the pictures we have
aimed at resolving the crisis in syria. western countries have spent months trying to get their own resolution approved, but have faced european veto. the russian draft indicates an equivalence between the regime and the opposition. barbara platted is at the u.n. headquarters in new york and says the supporters are backing the plan of the arab league. >> the russians are very big on the arab league initiatives because they see it as the only possibility of a political settlement. i do not know how likely they or anyone else believes it can succeed, but they do believe it is a serious plan for both sides to have political talks in syria. russians do not want to see regime change. they are very opposed to anything that might lead to regime change. that is why they have opposed sanctions. when it comes to the arab league plan, they said that the decision to impose sanctions, that was counterproductive, they said. they're also quite worried what would happen if the regime collapsed. that is why he is focusing in on the arab league initiative. it has to be said that western nations are a
resolution on the crisis in syria. western nations are pushing for tough action against the syrian government. they say the draft is not strong enough but they're willing to negotiate. breaking the deadlock which has paralyzed action on syria. >> this was the security council's defining moment on syria. in october, a vote on a european resolution condemned the violence and opened the door to sanctions. it was vetoed by chuck -- by china and russia, who offered a weaker draft. the deep divisions has -- have paralyzed further action. until now, russia has circulated a stronger, updated version of its text. >> i propose to the council a new version which takes into account the development of the past few months and which considerably strengthens all aspects of the previous text. with regard to violence, the need to uphold human rights, expediting reforms. >> 1 development has been an upsurge in violence. this video shows civilians shot by gunmen. the u.s. says more than 5000 people have been killed in the nine-month uprising and the syrian government may be committing crimes against humanity. an
the international pressure that's been heaped on syria. still no sign the violent crackdown of protesters has now come to the end as well. >> what is it a new area of location? and they have said they are willing to negotiate. a warning this report does have some stressing images. >> this was security council's defining moment on syria. in october a vote on a european resolution condemning the violence and opening the door to sanctions. it was vetos by russia and china chambering any outside action would make the situation worse. until now russia has circulated a different version of its test. >> in council this takes into account regard to the violence and the need to uphold human rights and with regard to expediting forms. >> this amateur video shows civilians shot by government forces. the u.n. says more than 5,000 people have been killed since the uprising and the government could be guild. there are fears of civil war. the deteriorating situation has convinced security council members they cannot stay slate. they want to make it tougher. crucially, spelling out there can be no equivalent bet
rights chief says she believes that more than 5,000 people have been killed in syria and anti-government protests. she estimates that 40,000 syrians have been detained and more fled to neighboring countries. >> and it's based on the evidence and the widespread nature of the killings, the torture, i felt that these were crimes against humanity. and i recommended they should be referred to the international common court. >> as one colleague said it was the most horrifying briefing we have had in the security council over the last two years. she cataloged more than 5,000 people killed. a situation that is deteriorating with a military build up in homes. tens of thousands of rapes and more. >> and from the united nations and the security government press and with local elections despite the situation. and we have this report from neighboring turkey. >> syria is a country divided between those who voted and those who are still fighting. and then those who chose to protest. with elections mocked by holding one of their own. and in hammer they protested in a more conventional way. he
, "bbc world news." >> local elections are being held in syria despite continuing clashes between anti-government activists and security forces. british prime minister david cameron today tells parliament why he refused to sign the eurozone rescue treaty. protests, unemployment, corruption, and poverty is the most talked about global topics in a bbc survey. welcome to "bbc world news." i'm geeta guru-murthy. also in this program -- a south korean coast guard is stabbed to death after a chinese fishing boat is prevented from fishing in illegal waters. and lots of new species, including this monkey, discovered in vietnam. >> after months of violence in syria, it looks like local elections will go ahead today. opposition groups have called for people to boycott the vote and continue with the general strike, which started yesterday. turnout is expected to be very low. activists say they received a reliable report of heavy fighting between the security forces and soldiers who defected to the opposition in the southern province. the bbc's jonathan head is watching this from istanbul in neigh
's take a look at the other stories making headlines around the world, today. syria is holding local elections despite the continuing violence between security forces and opposition supporters. the government says that this is part of the reform they are introducing in response to the protest. the opposition has called for a boycott turn out. many places are not willing to risk going to the polls, fearing further violence. a spokesman for the russian prime minister says that claims in the parliamentary elections will not affect the results. president dmitri medvedev announced, after his page has been inundated with comments -- most of them hostile. a new spy satellite and concerns over the north korean missile program, with launches coming from their space center. officials say that the satellite can take photos of -- photos from space at night and during bad weather. this is the first visit between security forces and protesters in bahrain. a report last night of police using excessive force against protesters. making a packed lunch every day for their children to take to school is
as many as 250 people that have been killed in syria since monday. a human rights group has accused the government of carrying out a massacre. >> this unverified a foot is purported to show a house in the city of homs, one of six hit by army shells. 12 people were killed there including a child. the images are too gruesome to show. syria signed up to the arab peace plan on monday and the violence goes on. in fact, it has intensified sharply. most of it has been not far from the border with turkey. the opposition syrian national council is calling it a massacre. they say that nearly 250 people have died since monday alone. this is the bloodiest time since the uprising began in march. they want the u.s. security council to declare this as an unsafe zone. there is little appetite for another military adventure. with that possibility in mind, the regime has been staging a military removers aimed at putting across the message that their uniform -- unified. troops and police have been killed in the violence virtually every day. the regime blames armed terrorist gangs for all of the troubl
. >> syria said yesterday's attack, there has been worse over the years but cutting off all diplomatic relations is extraordinary rare in peacetime. perhaps it was to teach a lesson to a country that doesn't play by the rules. a country which seems close to having a nuclear bomb. >> the iranians are being informed now we require the immediate closer of the iranian embassy in london and all iranian diplomatic staff must leave the united kingdom within 48 hours. if any country makes it impossible for us to operate on their soil, they cannot expect to have a functioning embassy here. >> so by the weekend, iran's embassy here in london, just like britain's embassy in tehran will effectively be closed down. almost at the very last moment, iran's foreign ministry put out a statement seeming to apologize for yesterday's attack, but it was too late and the apology wasn't strong enough. in six years, then, britain has gone from offering friendship to iran, that was angrily rejected, to shutting down all direct links altogether. and the basic reason is the political in fighting in tehran itself.
120 people have been killed by government troops in syria today, according to human-rights organizations. a report which cannot be verified by the bbc suggests more than half who died were army deserters, shot while trying to abandon their posts. syria agreed to allow arab league observers to monitor the protests, with a goal of ending the violence. >> the bbc, live from singapore and london. the search for bodies continues, following a devastating flash floods in the philippines. we will hear from someone who has been affected. >> in a race against time, the american man tried to visit as many as he can before the close. >> the man who buried his fiance alive in a cardboard box was found guilty of attempted murder. she was attacked with a taser and left for dead in a shallow grave in northern england. she used her engagement ring to help free herself. this report contains flash photography. >> she was tasered and buried alive by the father of her child. today, her fiance was found guilty of trying to murder her because he was bored with their relationship. it was he
segregation. observers began working in syria. the u.s. accuses damascus of setting up attacks against its people ahead of their arrival. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting on pbs in america, and around the globe. coming up later, fears mount over a toxic chemical leak in northern australia as a freight train is swept off a bridge in a tropical cyclone. the only way is up. the giant outdoor escalator transforming lives in north columbia's poorest neighborhoods. -- columbia -- colombia's porous neighborhoods. hello and welcome. final preparations are underway for the state funeral of kim jong il, which is due to start soon. north koreans continue public mourning. the body of the leader is expected to be driven through p'yongyang. state television usually features nothing but positive reports on what the regime has been doing. lucy williamson reports from south korea that the broadcasts have taken on an almost supernatural tone. >> north koreans are used to hyperbole in the nightly news, beginning every night with a song about the magical qualities of their leader's birthplace, the hospital h
the violence in syria, despite the arab league monitoring. the united states warned it will not tolerate iran's threats to the middle east. silence for military gun salutes in p'yongyang. the funeral ceremony for kim jong il. welcome to bbc news. the broadcast on pbs in america, and around the world. a brush with the law. orthodox protesters clashed in a christmas cleanup at jesus''s presumed birth place. a descendant of gandhi. can he receive -- revive the fortunes of the congress party? welcome to bbc news. in national memorial service in north korea for kim jong il is beginning. we believe so, anyway. these are the pictures coming to us live from the north korean capital of p'yongyang. you just got a glimpse of the thousands of mourners who have gathered. morning guns will be boomed in p'yongyang and provincial seats around the country to coincide with the national memorial service in the capital. of course, one of the mourners in chief will be kim jong il's third son, kim jong un. it is believed, because his official appointment as successor has not been confirmed, but all the indications
are visiting three more cities in syria as part of their mission to assess whether forces are complying with plans drawn up by the league. this comes amidst claims of further violence today. one of the cities they are visiting is a -- is whether protests -- is where the protests began back in march. the anti-government activists claim that 14 protesters were killed on wednesday. >> of their job is not necessary to try to track everything that is happening all over the place, all of the time. that all armed manifestations, as they put it, of the military are pulled off of the streets, and that all detainees are freed. obviously, none of those conditions have been met yet. it is not happening spontaneously. certainly, people are being killed in roughly the same numbers as reported before. the regime did announce the release of 755 prisoners on wednesday. but that is a drop in the ocean. however, the activist reckon that there are many thousands left. human rights watch has joined them in accusing the government of basically smuggling a lot of prisoners on two military bases where they are
business. it's not clear now what will happen to that legislation. in syria more protests are planned after friday prayers. activists say it's an amendment to show the visiting arab lead monitors the extend of the full anger of the government. the army will stop all the a"he said/she said" -- >> as the arab league monitors continue their tour of sy bierria, do not add up. they show an area where dissent has grown over the course of a year and where athletic wills opened fire. in duh may, a suburb of damascus, four people were said to be killed as troops just as the monitors were arriving. the monitors did little but ang ter protesters. this man told them the electricity had been cut off in areas that are now in the firing line of syrian army tanks. others appear to have lost faith in the monetary electrician altogether. >> it doesn't really reflect on the protesters down the street. we see them and believe that they definitely are getting along with the regime. there's something going on which we cannot explain. >> families continue to bury their loved ones. syrian foreign ministry has been
two children are reported to have been killed in fresh violence in syria. the man who was said to rule north korea, kim jong in -- kim jong un has met with mourners in the state capital. the u.s. military officials say they might take disciplinary action over the nato attack which killed 24 pakistani soldiers. the incident proved disastrous for u.s.-pakistani relations in a year when trust between them dropped. we take a look at the 12 months in which these two suppose it allies worst crisis to crisis. >> what a turbulent year for pakistani-american relations. in january, a cia contractor shot dead a key pakistani's on this very junction. there is a diplomatic route between islamabad and washington. this caused outrage against the u.s. here in pakistan. the fury was directed not only at the u.s. but the pakistani government for what many saw as a subservient relationship with washington. this would only intensify with the trauma that soon followed. >> i can report to the american people and to the world that the u.s. is conducting an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of
underpins these are round the world. >> i think of someone like syria were you have minorities -- majorities protesting the minority. >> that is the shape it has taken. the syrian uprising was almost identical to the one that we saw in egypt, tunisia. the regime has successfully fought back when characterizing this. i will say that is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. but it is still a revolution in progress. there are still many steps to move forward. >> the protester is the person of the year. on the short list for * person of the year, coming in no. 5 was caked middleton. if you did not get enough of her this year, you will see plenty of her in 2012. the plans announced the diamond jubilee. dodge the golden jubilee of 2002 brought out the clouds -- - crowds. they will be 10-years older, and the program for the diamonds set by the palace to be even more extensive. the queen will concentrate on the u.k. while members of the family will focus on other countries. this is how it looks for breton. -- britain. in april, she'll sepnd -- spend two days in wales. in june, the main diamond jubil
. fifa has declined to comment. more than 50 children were killed by state forces in syria last month. that's according to an investigator appointed by the united nations. an emergency session of the organization's human rights council in geneva also heard that more than 300 children have been killed in the country since march. the meeting follows the publication of the u.n. report which accused syrian forces of crimes against humanity. the report has been condemned by the syrian ambassador to the un, who says it was biased. for more on this, we are joined from geneva. i know we had some very strong words at the opening session of the council. was there any feeling that something can happen as a result of this? >> i think the many member states of the human rights council who joined together are sincerely hoping that something will happen. you have to remember that the human rights council itself cannot impose action to a cannot order sanctions. it can recommend action. it is recommending very strongly to the u.n. general assembly and to the security council that it is high time. it i
the mourners as tens of thousands watch in an outpouring of grief. arab league observers in syria trying to verify whether the crackdown has ended. welcome to the bbc world news. also coming up, argentina's president cristina fernandez de kirchner is to undergo surgery for cancer. why austria may never have been so hazardous. in heavy falling snow lining the 40 kilometer route of a funeral procession, north koreans have been paying their respects, weeping and wailing. as kim jong-il was transported through pyongyang. he ruled the country for 17 years. is dennis son and presumed successor walked alongside, and giving warner is one of their first glimpses of their next leader. lucy williamson has this report from south korea. >> the funeral of the most secretive leader, broadcast live on north korean tv. a glimpse into a country usually shrouded from view. the slow funeral procession through the streets of pyongyang, a sign that stability is crucial now. whatever the private feelings of the crowds that line the path, this is a moment of uncertainty for this nuclear-armed state. kim jong-il
, president ben ali was forced out of office. success in tunisia inspired uprisings in egypt, libya, syria, and yemen. these are the faces of some of the people who fought for freedom, for themselves and the generations that follow in their footsteps. now "time magazine" is honoring the protester as its percent of the year. in the u.s., the occupy wall street protests started small. as word spread around the globe, the protest group. the demands were simple -- make the financial sector accountable for its mistakes and squash corporate greed. there was no mistaking the power of the occupy movement as they brought city streets and ports to a standstill. >> it is about a movement and a group of people and a wave of change. the fact that a whole concept, an idea, a gathering of occupy that spread around the country is now being named the person or the thing of the year is significant. >> change is everything. those who want freedom want change. this year, the protesters took to the street to get their message across. >> it is predominantly young people who are saying we will not take in some c
for votes of good fortune. >>> a team of observers from the arab league has arrived in syria because of the increasing violence in the country. full deployment of the foreign ministers is intended to oversee a peace plan that calls for the withdrawal of all troops from the streets and the release of all prisoners, but the violence goes on. in the latest incident, at least four civilians were killed. >>> hamas, which governs gaza, has joined the plo. hamas has reached agreement from plo membership with the arrival, which is in power on the west bank. the deal follows three days of talks in cairo in advance of the palestinian reconciliation. >>> republicans in the u.s. house of representatives said a vote on a deal to extend a payroll tax cut, their leader agreed to call a vote on the measure friday. the hope that it will save businesses. the bill was fought in the senate last -- the bill was passed in the senate last saturday but has exposed deep divisions among republicans. >>> for most of us, it is a tiny insect, but for more than 1000 years, the cricket has held a firm placed in th
to democracy. >> france has objected to russia on syria. it was on thursday that a surprise to the u.n. security council with a new resolution on the crisis which criticizes the violence but makes no mention of sanctions. the french foreign ministry has called the paper unacceptable but says this is a positive step that moscow has recognized the need to react. 50 people have died after flood struck an island in the philippines. there were triggered by tropical storm and swamped several towns. floodwaters rose quickly in the middle and night. 20,000 soldiers have been mobilized to help. a young thief who gained notoriety as the barefoot and it has been jailed for seven years. colton harris-moore pleaded guilty to 30 charges relating to a two-year crime spree. he is now 20 years old. he evaded police in planes, boats, and cars. it was a daring run from the law, earning him international fame and a movie deal. the money was used to help repay his victims after he flew a stolen plane. you're watching bbc news. israeli soldiers break up a protest outside the west bank village. a rescue op
in syria as arabs arrived on a peace mission. 39 people have been killed in recent attacks. this has become one of the main centers of protests against the government. jim is monitoring the situation from the roots. >> still bearing their extent and -- now the situation from beirut. >> thousands turned out to mourn those who died in the latest violence. the observers were eagerly awaited by big demonstrations. this is one of several district of have seen repeated efforts to crush the finance, but it is clearly still there. when they reach one of the hottest areas, the observers found themselves besieged by angry residents, eager to tell their story. even while they were talking, gunfire rang out. the presence of observers may have lessened the violence. activists say more people were killed or martyred a. >> there are more than five people and wounded. we want to aid people who have died by security forces shooting and correctly. >> another defiant city to the north, there was more shooting as protesters tried to converge on the square. peaceful demonstrations are supposed to be allowed and
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